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After reading my husband ( W) for what happened 25 years ago, which was signed last week and received good feedback from so many messages and we have to thank you for sharing this experience, which finally agreed to this, the that occurs in the hours leading up to write at night (it was while Dean W convinced to return and ' Bonk ' I sense) and also about what happens on the hour, I went with Dean W for an hour, while W bed that up to now has been to say do not even know exactly what happened! I thought I could fill gaps in its history with exactly what I remember from that night. 'Oh, and by the way,' W requires information about the history, as I had remembered, and when I finished memories had indeed juices flowing ! As in the W version of the events described, we planned to seduce Dean for a while, because they are so relaxed a great sex life and feel that together we feel the need (not necessarily) a night of funand another person in the dream come true while. We considered several options at once, maybe even a few. I felt bdsmlibrary I needed someone who knew and trusted would bdsmlibrary be able to maintain confidentiality. Dean knew that he was trustworthy and not ' spill the beans ' and also was a very handsome with a great body. W also felt relaxed around him, so we knew it would work if he agreed. the night in question was ( until I get to know someone ) and then it was a very shy person I've always thought that the day before, which was very stressful and I was bdsmlibrary almost more than once bottling. But eventually I knew I would regret it if you do not carry it out. Rang around a couple who is willing to share with someone who is not something that happens every day! The door I could not believe it, when W is gone, leaving me to answer the door ! With beating heart, I opened the door and inviteDean stepped inside d him with the customary greeting : 'Hello, how are you ? ' Blah, blah, blah, blah, I felt then that he knew something was wrong with the way he acted. At that time, bdsmlibrary fortunately, suddenly to the west, and were eliminated in the shortest time to say goodbye. ' bdsmlibrary Good night,' I said again. That's it. The nerves really started to occur, you accept the invitation? What if we do go down and ruin the friendship? What happens in my hands and I had to take so much that when I think of what could be initiated before a big night. I ran and started running to the bathroom and took the clothes that use was. Lol, I had emptied my bdsmlibrary entire suitcase on the bed. We had chosen a pair of shorts and a shirt to put me in the night before, but now was not sure because this team to use as a provocation, if our plan was counterproductive was. I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off and opened up bdsmlibrary her skirt and droppedon the ground. I was in my panties and bra and could see myself in a mirror on the wall. It was then that I thought 'hmm, not bad ! ' And if we refuse, then I'm sure someone else could be done. I pulled my panties off to a good fuck, who was always extremely wet thinking about the night before us to reveal a. I opened my bra in a couple of medium sized breasts with nipples that were extremely vertical betrayed. I went into the bathroom, sat in the bdsmlibrary tub and immediately began my game bdsmlibrary already wet pussy. My bdsmlibrary clit was swollen enough. I felt the need to ensure that I have there and put two fingers in and out of my pussy and rubbed my clit until he could no longer hold, and I groaned when I came (to reach that look that no one touches me 10 minutes, as my throbbing clit ). to be washed again, and managed from the pan, without touching it again ( which is very difficult bdsmlibrary to do if your pussy like). I dried off and decided to only take what we agreed. I was too hot for even the consequences of something going wrong out! I got dressed and decided to venture down. Thoughts were constantly in my head about the experiences that lie ahead of us can. I bdsmlibrary sat in the chair is waiting for you in advance for the time coming, when I heard the key in the door. It seemed that long, but I'm sure it was only a matter of 10 minutes when the door opened. I looked around, greeted the two, standing in the kitchen, where W would give me the okay, and did continue. My pussy was so wet and ready again for action. However, I have more shy and that was where he took charge of W and the road. I hope that before reading this, you have read the version W tonight, that's why I bdsmlibrary will not go into bdsmlibrary details of what happened, while W was present ( it would take too long ) butI'm in the room where I stood with Dean while carrying bed to fill. We sat in uncomfortable silence to begin. W began in the evening and seemed a bit uncomfortable when he was gone (at least for about 30 seconds). However, Dean suddenly even more confident, and soon took the lead in putting his hand on my right breast again and lowered his head and kissed my nipples, pinching with your tongue. My nipples are very sensitive and I could feel my clit out, swell again. My pussy throbbing and oozing cum is still excited. Dean then gradually paved its way through my body and gently kiss and lick. I could feel his hand on my thigh gradually more and more towards my clitoris, which put a great series for me, and had two fingers in her cunt again. He pulled it out and put his finger in my mouth. Something that bdsmlibrary I had experienced before withW, but it felt so sexy and combines the taste of my own juices, along with two different sperm taste extremely erotic. At this point, my pussy was begging for more action. Dean seemed to know exactly what he wanted and we were both on the ground. Just as he was pushed to me and said : 'No, I want bdsmlibrary to be this time!' He did not hesitate in defining and let me do the job. I'm on top and let it run on my pussy wet and sticky and I immediately swings up and down, going as deep as I could and turning. Her moans made ​​me even more! I'm not very fast when I'm at the top, but that seemed at all worried. His eyes focused on my breasts, which swings up and down with every move that my body did. He returned with a powerful surge up that forced me to come later. I have of him and sat on the floor beside him. He noted that this could be a dream, and he would wake up at any time. Isaid it was too good to be a dream Dean. We were probably there for a while and chatted. Lol, I think you need to ensure that W really well with this and have not gone to bed was because he bdsmlibrary felt uncomfortable. I assured him that W would be absolutely fine and that is really his idea at first. You might think that we ended the night in this high, but I was not ready yet I got up quickly led to a kitchen chair in the corner of the room and sat down and started again was gratifying to lick his balls and suck the juice from his cock already hard. I swallowed a lot of his cock as I could. He sat there with a look of pure satisfaction on his face and then I started to pump his cock until there is another full load in her mouth and was swallowed. Dean muttered 'wow this is amazing ', which for me bdsmlibrary was very surprising. We were on the couch, totally exhausted and I felt really fall asleep. I kissed her hellom on the cheek and thanked him for tonight 's a great, and he replied : 'No, bdsmlibrary thank you!' That's when I left and up the stairs to take a shower and meet my friends waiting (now husband!). I'm sorry that this is a fairly long read. Lol. One of the reasons why he had hesitated to write this first, I thought it would not be enough! I'm usually pretty shy person and I thought it would be a hard thing for me. Ironically, when I started playing the memories flooded back, and I think that nothing can stop me! lol. I hope you liked it. I have quite a treat now wet pussy. It was a great experience I will never forget and I'm glad we share with you. :)
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